What We DO

We pride ourselves in delivering quality app that's easily scalable for future growth. That's why many companies and startups trust us to bring their project to life.

Native iOS and Android

Mobile Applications

We develop native iOS & Android applications and games with clean code base that's easily scalable to accommodate growth.



Open up new opportunities by giving your business an online presence with a website that leaves an impact and looks good on any devices.

Trusted Advice

UI/UX Design

Steal the spotlight with beautiful and engaging user interface. Retain your customers with functional and user-friendly app.


How to Work With Us

Fixed Cost Project

Best suited if you have fixed, clearly defined project scope. Let us know your detailed project requirements & design, and we'll give you an estimate of the project cost and timeline. If you agree, we can start the development project and ship great quality app, guaranteed.

Monthly Retainer

Ideal for growing startups and companies that needs to be flexible with their project scope. Think of us as your extended team members who will assist you every step of the way. We'll help you formulate your ideas into working prototype and add more features as the app grows.

Our Tech Stack

Mobile App


Apple's newest programming language that we used to develop native iOS apps.

Objective C

We also still support native iOS apps built on Objective-C.


We used Java to develop native Android applications.

React Native

We develop cross-platform mobile apps using React Native.


We develop 2D multiplatform games using Unity game development platform.

Web Front End

Angular JS

Efficient front-end javascript framework for dynamic web apps.


Popular content management framework built on PHP that powers ~20% of all websites.


Most popular UI framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Backend


We built scalable web-based application server using node.js, an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime.


We also support website developed on PHP with CodeIgniter or Laravel frameworks.



We built faster and more cost effective database using MongoDB NoSQL database.

my sql

We also support traditional relational database using MySQL.


Amazon web services

Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services that we recommend for most of our clients.

Digital ocean

Simple and robust cloud computing platform.

Google Cloud Platform

Google-backed cloud server and platform-as-a-service infrastructures and suite of services geared towards mobile apps.

Dihardja Software Differences

Your project done right

Have you ever hire a freelancer only to have your developer gone missing for weeks and not getting your money's worth? We are honest about what we can and cannot do, always work professionally, and offer our advices to make your projects truly successful.

Demonstrable Progress

We’ll send you Testflight build or Android APK in as little as 2-3 weeks into the development phase. No more guessing what the developers are doing and see your project progress yourself. For monthly basis engagement, you'll get access to the repository that houses your code from day one.

Project management included

Our project managers take a hands on approach to ensure each project meets deadline, obstacles are identified early on, and progress are communicated frequently for headache-free experience on your part.

Full stack service

If you need business analyst to translate your requirements into tech speak, UI designer to polish your app, and developer to build your apps, website or backend, we are here for you. We're obsessive about refining your app as much as it is ours. After all, we are a product person at heart.